The GRD System explained

Fig 1 The hole (1 metre in diameter) is constructed for the drilling/manifold chamber

Fig 2 The chamber is placed into the ground ...

Fig 3 and cemented into place

Fig 4 The rig is brought to site

Fig 5 The drilling ring is attached to the chamber, this enables the rig to be rotated around the chamber 

Fig 6 The rig is attached to the drilling ring.

Fig 7 The borehole is drilled through the chamber and concrete surround ...

Fig 8 to the appropriate depth

Fig 9 The chamber and cuttings collector are used to contain all of the material from the drilling process

Fig 10 The collector is fitted into the borehole ...

Fig 11 and grouted in place

Fig 12 The supply and return manifolds are fitted

Fig 13 All that will be visible of the finished installation is the chamber lid