What We Do
Warren Ecological work in partnership with your preferred Heat Pump installer to provide a complete GSHP system. If you have not yet selected a specific Heat Pump manufacturer or installer, but like the idea of installing such a system with minimal disturbance to your property then we can assist in sizing your requirement and helping to evaluate an installer.

We use the Geothermal Radial Drilling (GRD) process from Tracto Technik for all GSHP borehole installations. This system has been designed from scratch for the purpose of drilling boreholes for a GSHP requirement. It is compact, efficient and creates little disturbance to the surrounding property in operation. When completed the collector system is connected via the manifolds installed in the same chamber that is used to drill the required number of boreholes.

After considerable success in Germany, Warren Ecological was the first UK company to utilise the GRD process and has successfully installed a number of systems, ranging from terraced houses to large detached houses.