Client Projects

 Manor Farm Renovation

Manor Farm is located on the edge of the beautiful village of Eyeworth and was constructed in 1865. The new owners drew up a detailed restoration and modernisation plan for the building which incorporated under floor heating. To keep the heating costs to a minimum they opted for a Ground Source Heat Pump to provide heating and hot water. Following careful consideration, the Geothermal Radial Drilling (GRD) method was chosen for the drilling process.

 Terraced Cottage

I am thoroughly delighted with this installation. The exciting thing about radial drilling is that it opens up the possibility of ground source heat pumps to tens (if not, hundreds) of thousands of households that could not consider it before. In a future that needs to eke out energy efficiencies, this is nothing less than a breakthrough! It not only makes ground arrays possible to those with a moderate sized garden... its less messy and considerably cheaper than older methods.


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