Warren Ecological Ltd.

Specialists in GSHP Borehole Collector Systems.

Warren Ecological are specialists in the drilling of boreholes for Heat Pumps using ground source collector systems.
Traditionally ground source heat pumps (GSHP) use either vertically drilled or horizontally laid pipe collectors in the ground as the main source of heat. Both of these methods involve enormous disturbance to the surrounding property.

The rig in operation showing minimal disturbance.

A New Approach
Now with Warren Ecological there is a third way. After extensiveevaluation we selected the Geothermal Radial Drilling process (GRD) from Tracto Technik in Germany as our preferred method GSHP borehole construction. The GRD system is the only drilling system that has been designed specifically from scratchfor the GSHP borehole requirement. During the construction phase, the GRD system is compact, efficient and
creates minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

A more detailed view of the rig in operation.

 Fast, Efficient and less mess.
The GRD system used by Warren Ecological offers a faster, more efficient method of constructing a borehole collector system especially where the property is well establised or is limited in size. The system is suitable for small to large domestic properties or small to medium commercial installations.

We are located just outside of Sandy, Bedfordshire and operate within a 100 mile radius which covers most of the South-East and extends into the Midlands.

The manifolds fitted within the chamber.